January 15, 2021

4.00pm - 7.30pm (Dubai time)

Hey, Wild Flower

journey to the intuitive, self-nurturing woman inside you

Set to align with the new moon cycle, this workshop is the first phase of reconnecting with yourself - letting go of the old patterns that do not serve and incorporating with intention the new.

Why female energy?

The female voice is the intuitive inner wisdom that has been silenced to accommodate external pressures of time and society. Any wounding in this space will also result in inauthentic passive to aggressive swings of emotion that leave you drained and misunderstood. To access our power we have to access the powerfully emotional voice within through meditation, body love, intuitive journaling, cycle and energy charting, and group conversations.

February 19 and 20, 2021

4.00 - 8.00pm (Dubai time)

I'm talking now

approach difficult conversations while holding your voice and sense of self

 An improved version of the successful 2020 workshop.

The highest form of emotional awareness is to be completely unattached to the emotions so you can navigate them in conversation and be effective.

6 concreate steps starting with guiding your inner key questions to listening intently to gain true understanding and hence power over a situation to then setting boundaries - saying 'no', navigating consequences and making a choice. The course ends with practice from Improv Theatre tools to get the kinks of the important conversation out of the way before the real deal.

The workshop is a combination of journaling (abstract art and writing), lecture, group work, inner guided work and theatre.

April 9, 2021

3.00pm - 7.00pm (Dubai time)

Purge mE

Abstract art to access non-verbal memories and trauma

Pain is the source of creative energy.

Art is a non-lingual method to enable expression, creation, and healing. In this process, we give the non-lingual part of the brain, where often old memory and trauma are stored, a safe way to vent.

Spoken language is a new skill for humans. We do not always have the vocabulary to articulate our emotional wounds, triggers, fear systems, and untangled thoughts. This makes us feel misunderstood or worse - trapped.

Art is a language that goes back several eras into our evolution. It works because it is an abstraction of our subconscious mind’s workings which when put into physical form allows for inner transformations to occur. There are colors, patterns, and forms associated with every emotion which when engaged under the guidance of a life coach allow suppressed feelings to surface. Through various forms of art, we engage our senses and body where old patterns of the body and brain are stored and allow free expression.


Through this program, you will be guided by a mental health and relationship coach to access 4 key emotions allowing stress reduction, trauma relief, purging and resilience building.

·        Joy – the ability to give and receive

·        Sorrow – to observe and vent deeply embedded pain

·        Anger – purge and transform energy

·        Fear – managing moving parts to build resilience