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5.00pm - 7.00pm
Venue: Dubai (Hidden Cafe TBA)

Seats: Max 8

purge me

Abstract art for emotional release and

access to non-verbal memories and trauma

Pain is the source of creative energy.

We do not always have the vocabulary to articulate our emotional wounds, Art is a non-lingual method to enable expression and healing. Give space to your triggers, fear systems, and untangled thoughts to find thier way out of your system, into an artistic creation.


Through this program, you will be guided to access 4 key emotions allowing stress reduction, trauma relief, purging and resilience building:

·        Joy – the ability to give and receive

·        Sorrow – to observe and vent deeply embedded pain

·        Anger – purge and transform energy

·        Fear – managing moving parts to build resilience


June 10 onwards - 6 sessions course
Time: Tailored to participants

Venue: online
Seats: 10 max

I'm talking now

approach difficult conversations while holding your voice and sense of self

Who knows your truth? Who can you be authentically yourself with? Who do you show up the rest of the time?

The highest form of emotional awareness is to be completely unattached to the emotions so you can navigate them in conversation and be effective.

6 concreate steps starting with guiding your inner key questions to listening intently to gain true understanding and hence power over a situation to then setting boundaries - saying 'no', navigating consequences and making a choice. The course ends with practice from Improv Theatre tools to get the kinks of the important conversation out of the way before the real deal.

The workshop is a combination of journaling (abstract art and writing), lecture, group work, inner guided work and improv-theatre.


Aug 6 onwards - 3 sessions

Time: Tailored to participants

Venue: Online

Seats: Max 10

Channel your kung fu panda

Journey from passion to inner peace and energy cultivation

What do you wish to do with your one precious life? And are you doing it? What is holding you back?

I had tears and a fire lit in my belly after I saw Kung Fu Panda. After quoting this movie series a billion and one times I decided - yes, it's time to help people embrace their inner Po!


The 3 modules are:

  • One- Guidance to your purpose and prepare for transition. If you dare to dream big, I'll be there to guide your path to it.

  • Two - Inner peace from past wounding. Dreams can activate our deepest fears of failure, rejection, scarcity, neglect and abandonment. If we never work on it, we will never know what lies beyond.

  • Three - Family, energy and soul. Once you are on your path, you'll need fuel to keep going. Here is where you generate your own kind of energy and take it into a larger community that vibes just like you.