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Here are testimonials my Clients gave

"I reached out to Shreya almost four months back when I lost direction in life and was almost on the verge of breaking down.

I have had several sessions with healers, counsellors, psychiatrists and even coaches in the past but with no benefit. When I started talking to Shreya, I felt like I was opening up layer-by-layer eventually getting all the answers to things I had bottled up deep inside. Shreya is a patient listener and allows you totally be yourself. Sessions with Shreya are like meditation where you go deep inside the path of self-discovery and come out blossoming and smiling. It has been a difficult few months for me but I am lucky I connected with Shreya and she is like my navigation software to set me on the right path. I highly recommend Shreya to anyone dealing with a mid-life crisis, mental breakdown, or in fact any issue. I am grateful to you Shreya for everything you do, and for the empathetic soul you are.

   /Varun A/

Before I started therapy I lived in an auto pilot mode, avoiding my emotions and constantly putting myself down.

Shreya gently, encouraging, patiently, and assertively guided me to look within myself and acknowledge my emotions and inner child. I was at my worst when I started therapy, I would not recommend anyone to wait that long to take the step and yet I came out of it much lighter, much braver, and as a much better version of myself. Shreya is intuitive and empathetic, and naturally creates a sort of safe space where you are able to reveal yourself. She coaxes you and gently guides you through it. The homework I'd get used to further compel me to see and accept myself. When I was assigned the task of writing a letter to my dad, I was entirely consumed by it and it helped me realize how much I wanted to say to him. Each ofthe homework would be eye opening and an absolutely beautiful experience. The best thing about Shreya is she practices what she preaches, and watching her accept and see herself for who she is inspires you to do the same

                                                                                                                                                                    /Sonali J/

Shreya actually helped me to unbox my emotions and helped me balance my thoughts, paranoia, anxiety.

She really made me self-aware, her way of explaining, listening, and understanding is what made me trust her even more. I'm an introvert but whenever I talked with her I felt extremely light and free. Mental health is physical too, she was able to acknowledge that about me and helped me towards becoming a more caring person towards myself. My relationship with my past was not good she helped me to let go of the grudges I held. Trauma bonding is so important if we realize this early in life and that is what I learned through my therapy. Shreya is very honest, calm and practical and that is what literally makes her the best healer.


I met Shreya for the issues I was facing in my marriage.

I was introduced by my wife and thought this is going to be about solving our marital problems. However, in some of first meetings, she made it clear the process is not about the other person, but rather about oneself. Hence, we started the work on finding me, discovering my inner emotions, my inner fears. I began to realize the sources of my behavior, and how that caused issues. The Unraveling of myself was difficult, especially recalling not-so-good memories, however, with effort and support from Shreya, I managed to do it. I find several new avenues which also allowed me to find my balance. What I can say is that I am on the right path, and I have Shreya to thank. One more point I would like to note, at many points, I just wanted to know the answer to a particular emotion, she never lost patience, and constantly encouraged me to find solutions on my own, and reflect on my own. That really mattered and still matters in making me an independent thinker. In summary, my experience has been truly rewarding.


My sessions with Shreya have been crucial to understanding my limiting behaviors and the roots from where they begin.

Reflecting on the last few months, I have realized that deciding to work on my self-improvement goals with a coach was a great decision. I have always felt comfortable in our discussions and appreciate their candid nature. We were able to engage in difficult conversations while keeping things constructive and action-oriented. The post-session assignments allowed for moments of unfiltered, yet structured reflection and were varied enough to uncover different patterns of behavior. As someone having to travel frequently, it was crucial for me that there be flexibility in our session timings and Shreya was always able to accommodate my requirements as well. All in all, my sessions with Shreya have been fruitful and have provided me with ample food for though as well as more tangible actions that I need to unlock the next phase of my personal development.


I met Shreya at a tough point where I was neither mentally or physically performing to the best of my abilities post a traumatic event.

I have poured my heart and secrets out that I have never discussed with my parents or friends. Through her support sessions, I was able to be less insecure and more confident of my abilities. I was able to focus clearly on my thoughts and eventually I was able to return to my peak mental performance and work through my planned goals. If it was not for her support and guidance, I would have missed out on the amazing opportunities that have since crossed my path post our sessions.


I met Shreya when I was going through a difficult time personally. Nothing was going my way and I was on a seemingly never-ending downward spiral.

It wont be an overstatement to say that I met finally met myself through her. She helped me see the potential and positivity in myself. The techniques she uses, especially her use of art to retrieve memories that are difficult to access otherwise was the most innovative and effective tool I could have come across.  She brings her personality into the session, providing the most comforting environment to unpack ones self. Shes an excellent listener but knows exactly when to stop you. Interestingly, she stays away from advice. Initially, I was bothered by the lack of advice but eventually, and to my utter surprise, I realized that she had empowered me to make the decisions myself. I cannot be emphatic enough about her kindness and generosity. Occasionally when the sessions continued beyond the stipulated time, she would not point at the clock but would take the opportunity to make tangible progress in the journey. That shows how gracious and committed she is to walk that extra mile to enable her clients to have their best lives.  I was in a pretty bad shape mentally and was almost dismissive of my existence when I started my sessions with her. Today I live in an entirely different world of positivity, fulfillment, and possibilities. Shreya is not just a coach or mentor, she's a true inspiration.


I was trapped in a glass bubble looking out at the world.

I could see how it could be, I could see how others lived their happy, fulfilling lives. But I couldn't make it happen for myself. Nobody noticed my suffering. Shreya was the first person who really heard me; I could be my complete self and feel no judgment. She kindly and gently led me out of that bubble, that was filled with insecurities and sexually traumatic moments. And now, I am happier and freer than I've been in the last 4 years of my life.  A great experience but also a necessary one to make things happen in my life. I can't thank her enough. Shreya's guidance, support, and honest feedback are teaching me to embrace my unique approach to life and live in a way that truly brings me joy. Thank you for everything Shreya. I strongly recommend My Life Coach to everyone! 

                                                                                                                                                       /Ansu Ann Thomas/

From the time I started sessions till now, I have seen good drastic changes in me.

She has really helped me find a way in the worst situations in my personal and work life. She can unlock all mental thoughts that are stopping you from getting what you want in life and help you be the best version of yourself. She can really identify where the problems are and help you find the solution. Shreya can really help if you are facing some personal issues that need to be resolved for everyone's good around you.


We dont always choose or control the cards we are dealt, but we always control how we respond to them.

In my journey with Shreya, I have continually uncovered insights about myself and challenged deep-seated beliefs, all the while working towards a realization of the fundamental truth that I am always bigger than the questions, ambiguities, and challenges that surround me. In moments like these, it is important for us to reinforce our faith in principles we have lived by, retrieve our voice, but also, reiterate and redefine behaviors and beliefs that have never truly served us as much as we like to believe otherwise. Moreover, it is imperative to find closure even when we don't have the answers, and act within the unknown when we don't know enough. I am grateful to Shreya for her earnest endeavor to continually lead me to see this for myself.


This day, last year, I was a fragile creature who did not have a voice.

Thanks for giving me the voice and teaching me the right ways to use it. I still stumble but now I know when I am letting myself down. Now I am not afraid of losing things because I have equal courage to build it all again. I have learned true forgiveness too. As you said, it has come with time. I was able to have a conversation with the person and let him know that all I wanted was a "sorry". Seems small but it was a major step for me because a sorry meant I was finally able to let go and I felt true peace. I am not afraid to be alone too. You made me believe in myself and that the things I want are not pointless and there are other people like me out there and I am not the odd one as I was always told.
I saw a show once that said "It's hard to be a dinosaur in a world full of humans, dinosaurs become extinct as they couldn't evolve with time. It held a good meaning and you taught me to be a proud dinosaur. Thank you for everything. <3

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