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Pain is the source of creative energy.

Art is a non-lingual method to enable expression, creation, and healing.

Spoken language is a new skill for humans. Think of that board meeting, class presentations, or personal conversation that seemed really challenging. What was your response to it? Were you able to articulate your thoughts just the way you felt them? Did you feel understood? Did you manage to live through the uncomfortable parts? This makes it twice as hard when it comes to emotional talk. Not all words co-relate, as it would in our mind, to our emotional wounds, triggers, fear systems, and untangled thoughts. This makes us feel misunderstood or worse, we shut down from ever speaking about it.

Art is a language that goes back several eras into our evolution. It works because it is an abstraction of our subconscious mind’s workings which when put into physical form allows for inner transformations to occur. There are colors, patterns, and forms associated with every emotion which when engaged under the guidance of a life coach allow suppressed feelings to surface. Through various forms of art, we engage our senses and allow the mind free expression. Discover your inner psychology and emotions within a stress-free and community-based environment. This is how the healing journey begins.

 We turn emotional fatigue or miscommunication into deep impactful insight into our subconscious thoughts, core memories, and emotions.  In this process, we give the non-lingual part of the brain, where often old memory and trauma are stored, a safe way to vent.

Through this program, you will be guided by a mental health and relationship coach to access 4 key emotions allowing stress reduction, trauma relief, purging and resilience building.

·        Joy – the ability to give and receive

·        Sorrow – to observe and vent deeply embedded pain

·        Anger – purge and transform energy

·        Fear – managing moving parts to build resilience

Every emotion has beauty to it. I used to think my days of sadness are wasted effort. I was so programmed to think of productivity from a machine line set up. But when I’m sad I write, paint, act; communicating my heart on paper and stage. My best pieces are created when I am filled with emotion, the release of emotion also releases my mind. My inner expression takes shape formats which I am later applauded for. If that’s not productive, what is?

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