I work deeply with emotions so you can live your best life



We are capable of leaps and bounds in personal improvement if we put our intention to it. Every obstacle, grief, regret, milestone is temporary if we dare to look and correct it. My work tunes into the emotional muscles and natural instincts that have been dormant; to find barriers and pain points at their root, uplift them and bring you back into your center. Through my training and personal experience, I create an environment of safety, acceptance, and warmth to reach the maximum potential in you. I value truth and personal autonomy immensely and hence accept everyone’s reality as it stands for them.

Deep conversations and personal work are not difficult, however, sometimes approaching them can seem mountainous. I innovated with my method - combining psychology with art, theatre, movement and linguistics to make conversations easy and safe to approach, keeping the human at the center of the healing.

Why carry around pain, when you can put it down. If you wake up feeling distant from love, misunderstood, overwhelmed, stressed or simply that you are not living your best life – we need to talk.

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Get the Most out of Life

Life & Relationship Coaching

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Stress reduction and self expression


Find healing and purpose at the root of pain

Recovering from Trauma

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Guidance and team inspiration



and what do you wish to do

with your

one precious life?

- Marie oliver



the life coach

A campaigner and founder for social causes, I have been working with people for 12 years improving lives through education and mental health intervention.

I want to create safety for people’s emotions to be understood. By using a more conversational approach to understand the struggles, grief or conflicts, our work together feels like just another cup of coffee.

My internal motivation comes from 2 places, firstly from a place of gratitude that allows me to share and secondly, my personal story. While I always helped people around me (and became pretty good at it early in life), I dealt with my own trauma alone. I don’t want anyone else to be alone as they go through their healing journey. Hence, I show up every day to shape and nurture lives.

Also, a Pranic Healer and Reiki Practitioner

A lot of times

we are angry at other people

for not doing what

we should have done for ourselves

-Rupi Kaur

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